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Jacques Flowers Est. 1910

Our Happy History dates back to 1910, when O. Roaul Jacques opened his greenhouses of plants and vegetables behind his three-tenement house on Lowell Street in Manchester, NH. The Flower Shop portion of the business was added by his young daughter, Colombe, a recent high school graduate looking to make her career. With her father’s blessing, Colombe rode the train to Boston each day to attend floral design school, and after graduation became a partner in his growing business. Colombe certainly was a pioneer of her time, postponing marriage to focus on her business ~ even making deliveries on her bicycle during the Great Depression! Eventually Colombe did marry, and she and her husband relocated the Flower Shop to the Amoskeag Bridge, where she ran the business for nearly 50 years!

In 1974, after the birth of their second child, Paul Godbout went to his favorite flower shop to buy flowers for his wife, Nancy. His gift of gab in hand, Paul got to talking with Colombe, who spoke of her difficult decision to sell her beautiful business to take care of her ailing husband. She was looking for someone she could trust to take her shop into the future. Paul was inspired! He arrived at the hospital with Nancy’s flowers and a proposal: “Let’s Buy Jacques!” After Nancy got over her surprise (their baby was just barely 5 hours old!), they decided to do just that.

Over the years, Paul & Nancy have dedicated themselves to serving the greater Manchester area as stewards of beauty and community service. Their bottomless energy and commitment to quality and customer service has driven Jacques into the new century, expanded and relocated to its current address on Mast Road in West Manchester.

And what of that little inspiration baby? All three of Paul & Nancy’s children have been blessed to grow up working in the floral industry. Currently Adam & Aimee manage the day-to-day operations with a fabulous Team, while Paul & Nancy’s three granddaughters also pitch in. And who knows? Perhaps one day their great-grandchildren will also be working in the business that has provided two families with lifetimes of love and beauty.

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